dieci vouchers

Dieci vouchers are always a good idea, be it as a gift, a thank-you, a way to say sorry or even to enable your children to order pizza on an evening when you and your other half are having a night out for a change.

Fill in the order form to the right and we will send you your vouchers with the corresponding invoice and payment slip within a few days. Dieci vouchers can be redeemed at all our branches. You can choose from the following values:
CHF 20.- or CHF 50.-
The minimum order value for vouchers is CHF 20.-.

Since we are unable to give change in cash when vouchers are used as payment, we recommend purchasing several smaller vouchers rather than one big one.


Number of vouchers

What is the sum of 7 and 9?


The minimum order value for vouchers is CHF 20.-