How new products come into the dieci assortment

Good news for all gelato lovers: at dieci there are two new flavours. But how do new products get into the dieci assortment?

Attentive dieci fans may already have discovered and tried them - the two new stars in our refrigerated shelves: Amarena and Melon. A perfect start into the summer and a sweet promise for a little holiday feeling. The two varieties are the first additions to the gelato assortment in almost ten years.

From the idea to the product

The path to a new product begins with an idea. Especially the dieci community proves to be very imaginative - for example when it comes to creating your own pizzas. «We had a competition with Radio Basilisk in which customers could nominate their own dream pizza. This was then temporarily included in our range. We were virtually inundated with suggestions,» says Peter Widmer, Deputy Managing Director and Quality Manager of Dieci AG. One could well imagine involving dieci customers more in the future. "We could, for example, launch a vote for a new product where our customers could vote for their favourite". Once the decision has been made, we move on to implementation. This must be planned carefully and precisely so that dieci's high quality standards are met.

Two new gelato flavours

The pizza deliveries have been offering the same ten gelato varieties for around ten years - so the time was ripe for something new. The choice fell on a gelato based on milk and cream and a sorbet that is also suitable for vegans. The Melon and Amarena varieties are not only classic Italian flavours, but have already proven themselves in the dieci gelaterias. These are therefore the best prerequisites for adapting them to the dieci pizza delivery assorment. Adrian Wietlisbach, Managing Director of dieci Gelato explains: «We know the preferences of our customers and always try to reflect this in our assortment. Especially the refreshing melon gelato has what it takes to be a summer hit.»

Only the best

dieci focuses on quality and sustainability in all its products: as local and close as possible. However, an exotic fruit such as the melon in particular would only grow in greenhouses in Switzerland with a great waste of energy and would not even meet the quality requirements for gelato production. «That's why we source the fully ripe cantaloupe melons from France, where they are processed on site into a 100 percent natural melon puree and then delivered to Switzerland,» explains Adrian Wietlisbach. He adds that the Amarena Gelato has been given a special Swiss touch: in addition to the classic Amarena cherries (sour cherries) from Italy, the dieci Gelato also contains 100% natural thick juice from local Zug sour cherries. This local ingredient gives the gelato not only an unmistakable colour but also a unique taste. 


Before the production start of each new gelato flavour, the recipe must first be perfected. And this is where the Gelataio Vincenzo Saraco comes in, with two decades of experience in the production of Gelato Artigianale. After internal tasting and any necessary adjustments, the final recipe is sent to an independent food laboratory, where the ingredients are confirmed and their nutritional values are precisely calculated. Special care is required here, as dieci-Gelato does not use any artificial colours, additives or preservatives.

Dreams of the future

Now, almost half a year after the start of the project, the new flavours can finally be ordered from all dieci pizza deliveries. How much longer until the next dieci product is added to the range? Peter Widmer reveals: «Without revealing too much, I would like to remind you that dieci turns 30 this year." With a wink he adds: "And what would an anniversary be without a little surprise?» But until that day comes, dieci loyal fans will have to wait and eat gelato.

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