About us

The dieci range is oriented towards the simple, tasty Italian lifestyle, the “italianità pura”.

Here culinary pleasure, joie de vivre and general satisfaction come together. dieci uses selected, natural products of the highest quality. We are always pleased to see our customers and are a fair employer to our staff.

The number ten, or “dieci” in Italian, stands for high-quality service and the best products. In Swiss German, ten is pronounced as “s'Zähni”.


The dieci system

Most of our branches are run by franchise-holders, who act as independent entrepreneurs in accordance with dieci guidelines.
Dieci rents the premises, sets them up, then passes them on to the franchise partners. Through training, checks and central procurement (dieci natura), we ensure that the customer can be assured of the same proven dieci quality in every dieci branch.

Our history

The company was founded in 1990 in the old town of Rapperswil as “dieci bar & pizza”, and has since become one of the largest gastronomic firms and largest pizza delivery service in Switzerland.
The company now employs between 800 and 1'000 people (2019 figures) depending on the season in 45 dieci branches.